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ReviseRO Official Game Master Recruitment

Some of us might be wondering what set of skills is needed to become ReviseRO Game Master. Actually we don't need special skills to be one. All we need is proper understanding of the rules we're going to enforce. Given the proper guidance, a high school dropout could equally be as effective as a PhD. 

We are currently looking to expand our [GM] Team.
If you are interested in working with us, do apply now!

- Must be active in-game,social media and forums
- Must have joined different ragnarok advertising groups in facebook/sites.
- Must be fluent in English, knowing other language is a big plus++

again. We are basing the application by maturity and not by age or gender.

Please refrain from applying more than once as your application will be disregarded.
Make sure that you provide correct information about yourself.
Answer each question as detailed as possible.
You will be contacted on your facebook account
Fill up the application from the link below.

ReviseRO Game Master Application Form

Note: Never ask for an update or else your application will be ignored. Do not send duplicate application.

For Playing GM's Please see below reward as a thank you for your assistance.
The rewards will only be applicable after your observation/trial period.

Monthly Benefits 

- Monthly VIP Subscription

1st Month

Week 1 - Odin Valkyrie Armor (1 Month Rental)
Week 2 - Odin Valkyrie Armor (1 Month Rental)
Week 3 - Odin Valkyrie Armor (1 Month Rental)
Week 4 - Odin Valkyrie Armor (1 Month Rental)

2nd Month

Week 1 - Hyon Valkyrie Armor (1 Month Rental)
Week 2 - Hyon Valkyrie Armor (1 Month Rental)
Week 3 - Hyon Valkyrie Armor (1 Month Rental)
Week 4 - Hyon Valkyrie Armor (1 Month Rental)

3rd Month
Week 1 - Odin Valkyrie Armor (Account bound)
Week 2 - Odin Valkyrie Manteau (Account bound)
Week 3 - Odin Valkyrie Shoes (Account bound)
Week 4 - Odin Valkyrie Helm and Shield(Account bound)

Succeeding Months -
Will be discussed

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